oriental rug cleaning in progress

Bad Fido!

Sometimes our beloved four-legged kids do the wrong things.  If your family has a puppy in training or perhaps an older dog who has an occasional accident, and if you own Oriental rugs, you know where I’m going with this article.

When your pet has an accident on one of your Oriental rugs, don’t panic.  If you act quickly, you can save your valuable rug.

Pet urine has a high alkalinity factor that can potentially have a very negative effect on your rug’s wool and cotton fibers, which by nature are acidic.  The alkaline solution can cause both the acidic dyes to bleed and can burn the rug’s acidic natural fibers.  Left untreated, pet urine will stain your rug and may result in the rotting and deterioration of its fibers.

Act quickly!  Blot up as much of the urine as quickly as possible, then call a professional Oriental rug cleaner who is both experienced and trained to clean and preserve Oriental rugs.

At Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning, we have three decades of carpet cleaning and rug washing experience.  We are one of the few Oriental rug washing specialists that have our own rug washing facility, where your rugs are professionally washed using our very own proprietary system, all under my personal supervision.

But time is of the essence.  While not all rugs can be saved, the likelihood of success is greatly enhanced by swift action on your part.

And while we’re on the subject, if your home’s upholstery or wall-to-wall carpet has spots that seem impossible to remove, I encourage you to call us.  In our 30+ years of experience in carpet and upholstery cleaning, we’ve discovered a number of unique processes that will often remove stains that homeowners and other cleaning services were unable to remove.

If Fido had an accident on your favorite Oriental rug or if you’ve got hard-to-clean spots on your carpeting or upholstery, one call to Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning may help get man’s best friend out of the dog house.  To learn more and to discover what differentiates us from the competition, visit www.superiorofknoxville.com to view our informative video, where seeing is believing.

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