For a Clean That Can Be Seen

At Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning, all Oriental rugs are washed by hand in our highly specialized, state-of-the-art facility using a proprietary process we developed during the past decade.  There’s simply no in-home alternative to washing Oriental rugs. We call our process “For a Clean That Can Be Seen.” Because most homeowners are unfamiliar with Oriental rug washing, we created a short video demonstrating the proper methods to wash your valuable rugs and avoid the damage that can result when untrained and inexperienced individuals attempt to clean them. I encourage you to visit the Oriental Rug Cleaning page to view this informative video.

I’ve devoted a large portion of my more than 25-year professional career researching information on the history, crafting, and caring for fine Oriental rugs, including visiting with individuals whose families have been hand-crafting quality Oriental rugs for three generations or more.  Knowing how Oriental rugs are crafted is as important as knowing how to care for them, and because we help homeowners care for their rugs, this understanding is essential.  There’s no correlation between wall-to-wall carpet and fine Oriental rugs, and they can’t be cared for using the same methods.

Oriental rug creation begins with a design that often has a historical significance unique to the region where it’s produced.  Most rugs are hand-crafted using fine, all-natural wool that’s been hand-dyed using a variety of organic dyes.  The dyed wool yarn is then hand-knotted in rows onto a cotton or wool warp, with as many as 400 knots per square inch in the finest Persian rugs.  Although they may appear fragile, the long-wearing Oriental rugs are rugged and can outlast conventional carpet by centuries if properly cared for.

Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning has been helping families care for their fine Oriental rugs so they can be passed onto future generations as heirlooms.  If their care is ignored, the rugs will have a much shorter life expectancy while depreciating in value.

If you desire the beauty and longevity that was hand-crafted into your fine Oriental rugs, then we can help.  Regardless of your rug’s value, we value and treat it accordingly.  Call today or email and ask if our free pickup and delivery service is available where you live.

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