Spring Cleaning for your Oriental Rug

If you’re in the process of spring cleaning your home, don’t neglect your Oriental rugs. They’ve experienced a great deal of use during the long winter from wet and occasionally snow-covered shoes, including shoes contaminated with salt used to melt snow on sidewalks and driveways. And no, simple vacuuming will not remove these accumulated contaminants, which can actually damage your rug’s natural fibers and organic dyes. Oriental rug washing is the only way to thoroughly clean your valuable rugs, and if you’re a pet owner, rug washing is an absolute necessity.

Most Oriental rug customers think that the first priority of Oriental rug washing is to “clean” their valuable rugs.  Well, that’s only partially correct, as the first priority should be “safety.”  Let me explain.

Oriental rugs are far different from their wall-to-wall cousins.  Oriental rugs are handwoven using natural fibers and organic dyes, including, believe it or not, tea and vegetable dyes.  While beautiful to admire, Oriental rugs cannot be cleaned using conventional carpet cleaning methods.  These cleaning systems can actually permanently damage your valuable rugs.

Successful Oriental rug washing combines two important items – decades of experience and a state-of-the-art multi-step washing system, using specially treated water that significantly reduces potential damage to your rugs.  Simply put, there is no replacement for experience and a proven washing system.

We have recently completed important upgrades to our West Knoxville-based Oriental rug washing boutique, where we pamper your rugs.  With twice the capacity that we had previously, you can be assured that every rug we wash using our proprietary 11-step Oriental rug washing process will be thoroughly and safely cleaned.

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to visit us online at www.superiorofknoxville.com and view our informative three-minute video to discover the Superior of Knoxville Oriental rug washing difference.

For all of your Oriental rug washing needs and upholstery and carpet cleaning projects this spring, trust the one company that has put “superior” back into cleaning: Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning of Knoxville.

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