Carpet Cleaning

Our most popular method is the use of truck-mounted steam cleaning. This is highly recommended for deep-rooted dirt on well-used carpets. We also offer the HOST Dry Extraction method that is used on well-maintained carpets and delicate oriental rugs, as well as ScotchGard and Teflon treatments. Spot removal services also include Kool-Aid, pet urine, and coffee stains. Deodorization is also available.

What will we actually do? View our carpet cleaning process below :

  1. Pre-vacuum: Doing this first helps to remove loose soil from carpet, making sure we are cleaning embedded dirt that’s trapped in your carpet.
  2. Pre-condition: We spray a pre-conditioner on your carpet to loosen the soil, and prepare for cleaning.
  3. Agitation: We agitate the pre-conditioner through mechanical means to aid in loosening soil.
  4. Hot water extraction: We spray a combination of water and rinsing solution on the carpet, and extract to leave the carpet feeling fresh.
  5. Drying: We apply the proper air-flow to allow for drying within approximately 4-7 hours.
  6. Protection: We can optionally apply a carpet protector to prevent rapid re-soiling.