Oriental Rug Cleaning

Your oriental rugs are an important part of your home. They may be heirlooms, gifts, or just an addition you couldn’t do without. We understand this and can clean even the most delicate rugs with expert care and flawless results. With 20 years of industry experience, you can trust us with your most precious rugs and carpets.


What will we actually do?
View our oriental and area rug cleaning process below :

  1. Pre-inspection: We check very carefully for pre-existing conditions such a fading, dye migration, tears, pulls and take a photo of the rug. Rugs can come in damaged, unbeknowing to the customer, so pre-inspection is critical.
  2. Dye-stabilization test: Your rug undergoes a couple of tests to insure the colors are stable and will not run during the cleaning process. This will determine which method of cleaning is the safest.
  3. Pre-Vacuum: Aggressively agitate the rug, with our state of the art Badger machine, to loosen the soil that that regular vacuuming cannot remove. All loose soil is removed.
  4. Pre-condition: A mild cleaning detergent solution is applied and brushed into the fibers to loosen the soil.
  5. Washing: Based on the type and construction of the rug, it is submerged or surface washed and then scrubbed again and rinsed very thoroughly with our Kinetico softened water.
  6. Extraction: The rug is then taken out of the wash area, and excess water is removed.
  7. Neutralizing: Leaving the rug in a balanced ph condition, is a must to ensure a soft feel to the fibers while the drying process begins.
  8. Drying: One of the last steps in the cleaning is the proper drying of the rug. It is then taken to our temperature controlled drying chamber. Hoisted on a drying pole and up it goes. It takes anywhere from 8 to 36 hours to dry depending on type of rug.
  9. Grooming & Combing: Setting the pile and combing out the fringe is important to the finishing and pile lay of the nap.
  10. *Fringe: Cleaning of the fringe can either make or break the look of the rug. It can hold quit a bit of soil that can not be vacuumed out. We clean the fringe while hanging with our exclusive fringe table using the best products available to make it as clean and bright as possible.
    *Fringe can sometimes be permanently discolored from day-to-day wear
  11. Post-vacuum and inspection: Last but not least, you rug is vacuumed to remove loose fibers and to check to see if any stubborn spots or stains remain. If it does not pass our rigorous inspection, it is then spot cleaned or even re-cleaned if necessary to ensure you are totally satisfied.

We also offer:

  • Urine decantamination (Washed in an additional bath)
  • Fabric Protection
  • Anti-Static control
  • Moth-detorant
  • 3 different types of rug pad

Oriental Rug Cleaning – Informative Video Clip

Watch the video below to learn more about our first-class oriental rug cleaning and care service. You will need Flash Player 8 or higher to view.

Superior of Knoxville from Superior of Knoxville on Vimeo.